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The class teacher is Mrs Stewart and the teaching assistant is Mrs Manders.

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This week’s spellings focus on a selected group of homophones. They will be tested on Friday 14th March and can be found below with a hint to their meaning:

Spelling tip:  ‘ow’ can make a long sound ‘o’ sound (slow) or a short ‘o’ sound (now).

fowl (bird)

flower (blossom)

dowse (drench)

how’s (how is?)

allowed (permitted)

Spelling tip: ‘ou’ can make a sound like ‘ow’ (e.g. flour-flower).  There are many of these words.

foul (offensive)

flour (baking)

douse (drench)

house (to accommodate)

aloud (out loud)

Spelling tip:   ‘ou’ can make a sound like short ‘o’.

poring (studying closely)

pouring (flowing)

morning (before noon)

mourning (grieving)

You can access all of the spelling patterns that will be taught throughout Year 5 and 6 as well as the statutory spelling list at this link – Year 5/6 Spelling


This half term we are continuing to look at fractions before using this knowledge to inform our learning on working with decimal numbers. For further reading on fractions, have a look at the BBC Bitesize website.

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