Welcome to the Year 3 Class Page.

Our teachers are Mrs Burniston  & Mrs Traylen.   Miss Robinson is our Teaching Assistant.

Summer Term 2

This term we will be exploring the Bue Abyss where are learning about oceans, seas and coastlines.


Summer Term 1

Our topic this term is the Stone Age and the Iron Age.  We are enjoying reading the story Ug – a book about a Stone Age boy.  In maths we are learning about fractions.

May is the month of Mary

Here are some of the beautiful altars that the Year 3 children have created.

VE day Celebrations

Exercising at home 

We have been busy keeping fit at home

Models of Stonehenge

Wow look at the different ways we have built Stonehenge.

Stone Age Tools

In Design and Technology we made Stone Age tools.  Take a look at some of the ones we have made.

New Clothes for Ug

We were challenged to come up with some new clothes for Ug. He was fed up of his pants made of stone.  We have had some wonderful ideas.

Assault Courses

In games we have designed assault courses and had fun having a go.

Spring Term 2

This half term our school topic is ‘Come Fly with me’ and Year 3 will be focusing on the wonderful sights, geography and customs of Brilliant  Brazil


World Book Day

We all looked fantastic in our book character costumes.

Yr3 and 4 Knowledge organiser for Brazil

Spring Term 1

Our new topic is Famous Faces and Year 3 will be learning all about the life of local heroine Grace Darling.


Enjoying our Godly Play session 

Autumn Term 2

This half term our topic is Winter Wonderland and we will be learning all about weather and climate.  We will be reading Winter’s Child.  Take a look at some of the fantastic things we have made.


Year 3 looking scary today.

Autumn Term 1

Our first topic of the year is called War and Peace and we will be learning all about World War 2

Year 3’s trip to Eden Camp.  We had a great time learning all about World War 2.



my maths

This is a guide to help you with the spelling, punctuation and Grammar taught in year 3. This knowledge equips children with essential knowledge to: spell words accurately, use a wide range of punctuation with precision and use sentences with the correct grammatical structure. Use the links below to improve your understanding, and usage, of key spag skills.


For help understanding and using commas click here

For help understanding and using apostrophes click here

For help understanding and using colons click here and semi colons click here

For help understanding and using speech marks and quotation marks click here

Grammar – Different classifications of words

For help understanding and using nouns click here and pronouns click here

For help understanding and using verbs click here and adverbs click here

For help understanding and using adjectives click here

For help understanding and using conjunctions click here

For help understanding and using prepositions click here


For help understanding and using common tricky spellings click here

Glossary of Spag terms

Some of the vocabulary used when talking about Spag can be confusing (conjunction anyone!), click here to look up a term that you don’t understand.

Below are all the words in the Year 3 National Curriculum spelling list:



Some useful resources supporting your child’s learning: