At St Clare’s we use Charanga as our complete scheme of work with planning and resources. Please see link:


All children will have a good quality Music education which will encompass all strands of Music – listening and appraising, composing and performing. They will develop and enhance skills and knowledge relating to tone, pitch, rhythm and tempo. The curriculum plan does build on basic skills taught in the previous year group from nursery to Y6.

Music lessons will be specifically linked with topic foci.

Staff will ensure all children including SEND, LAC and disadvantaged children will access instrumental tuition and school clubs such as the choir.These objectives have been shared with all staff.


The charanga scheme of work that we follow will be refreshed and this SOW will be used across all key stages to ensure continuity and progression.Basic musical skills relating to tempo, pitch, tone and rhythm will build up year on year as the children progress throughout St Clare’s.Staff will ensure all needs are met through specific adaptation according to individual needs. Music is to be taught weekly using the Charanga scheme and key knowledge and skills will be assessed against the key objectives in the SOW. Assessment for Music is three times yearly using a simple traffic light system. Red – emerging, amber – achieved, green – exceeding.