“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” – Plato


The intention of the music curriculum at St Clare’s is that children are taught to develop an interest in music, by developing performance skills, the ability to listen to music carefully and identify features and also develop the confidence to compose their own music. We widen the children’s knowledge of music and appreciate different genres. We believe that developing the confidence to perform has wider benefits than just those in the music curriculum. All children are given the chance to shine.


We teach a broad and balanced music curriculum, embedding skills in performance, listening and composition. We teach children about performance techniques, varied musical genres, music from around the world, musical vocabulary and notation. We use Charanga to ensure that the National Curriculum is covered.

Teachers follow the school’s teaching and learning model and in Early Years, music is part of their continuous provision.

Teachers carry out formative assessments each lesson, applying adaptive teaching techniques accordingly. Formative assessments feed into our summative assessments.


A love and appreciation of music.

Experience of playing a musical instrument.

Experience a wide variety of musical and performance events.


Long Term Planning-Music LTP

Example of progression-Knowledge, Skills and progression in Reception


All children are given the chance to perform in various activities throughout the year: Christmas concerts, choir, year 6 leavers show, Snappy music, assemblies, as well as our infamous ‘ St Clare’s Got Talent’ shows at the end of each term.

Liturgical worship:

Music plays an integral part of our worship at St Clare’s including in our parish churches therefore we have the Musical Director of St Mary’s Cathedral deliver a performance music lesson every week to our KS2 children linked to our liturgical times of the year. We constantly update our repertoire of sacred music and children have the opportunities to use music as part of their weekly liturgical prayers, whole school collective worship and masses at church.  We have a bright and vibrant choir who meet every week and support liturgical music in assemblies and collective worships.

Example of focus of Musical Director teaching-MSSP Curriculum table

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