The Mission of St. Clare’s R.C. Primary School is to develop each member of the St. Clare’s community so that everyone can reach their full potential in the light of the teachings of Christ and the values portrayed in the Gospels. In the light of this we aim to:

  • Enrich the children’s understanding and living of their Catholic faith.
  • Provide an environment which fosters close partnership with parents/guardians and the Parish Community.
  • Promote the dignity and self esteem of everyone in the school.
  • Develop in each individual, respect, care and tolerance for one another.
  • Provide a curriculum in line with the distinctive nature of Catholic Education and one which meets National Curriculum  requirements.
  • Meet the spiritual, academic, physical, social, moral and cultural needs of all pupils to enable them to reach their full potential.

Mission Statement

Written by the children of St. Clare’s

  • We follow in the footsteps of Christ.
  • All of St. Clare’s family work together to
  • Let our light shine
  • Keep encouraging everyone in all that
  • Is good.
  • Night and day care for and
  • Tolerate each others differences, be kind,
  • Help each other to do our best and
  • Encourage each other to do our best and
  • Love one another.
  • Is what God asked us to do.
  • Giving us opportunities to
  • Help make a positive difference.
  • Teach us to work each day for you.