At St Clare’s, we firmly believe in developing the whole child and ensuring that all children leave ready to take on the world. English and the teaching of English are the foundation of our curriculum. Speaking, listening, reading and writing are huge parts of the modern world and we make it our mission to ensure that children are ready, capable, confident and independent. Through engaging lessons and focussed opportunities, children become confident in their abilities and are able to access all areas of the curriculum. Children begin their journey in the Early Years Foundation Stage, whereby children are taught the fundamentals of early reading and writing and the essential skills of speaking and listening. Children learn to read with single letter sounds initially and learn to form these letters in their writing thus giving our youngest children the skills with which to communicate. As children move through the school, this knowledge continues to build and where children require extra support in this journey, timely interventions are given. All staff understand and ensure that the objectives we set at St Clare’s are firmly embedded and that all areas of English are taught with equal importance. High quality teaching enables the children at St Clare’s to become primary literate and also develop a love of reading, creative writing and purposeful speaking and listening.